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Horses around Greece



Skyrian horses can also be found in other places in Greece. The Skyrian Horse Society contacted the owners, visited the places where the horses are kept, and recorded their details.


Skyrian horses can be seen at the following places outside Skyros:

- The gardens of the former Police School building at Ambelokipoi, Athens.

- The Attica Zoological Park (www.atticapark.com).

- The estate of Mrs. Silva Steen in Corfu (www.thesilvaproject.org).

- The Amphikaia farm at Amphicleia, Mt. Parnassus (www.amfikaia.gr).

- The IppoStrouth horse and ostrich park in Ioannina (www.ippostrouth.com).

- The farm of Mr. Dimos Dimitriou at Avra, Trikala.