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Skyros Island

Skyros is an island in the Aegean Sea. Geographically it belongs to the Northern Sporades group of islands and administratively to the prefecture of Evia. It has a long and lively history, as evidenced by its customs and traditions, its monuments, and the artifacts gracing its museums.


The inhabitants work in agriculture, herding, fishing and tourism. Skyros is famous for its marble and its meat and dairy products, while the unique local style of hand-crafted furniture is popular throughout Greece. Also special are the colourful and varied Skyrian embroideries and the local pottery. Skyros also produces honey, several kinds of fruit, cream cheese (mizithra) and high-quality, Gruyére-style hard cheese.


Skyros is a verdant island with manifold charms - an ever-changing mosaic of magical landscapes. Skyros has it all, whether you are looking for a holiday destination suitable for relaxing in peace and calm, or varied and interesting activities: beautiful beaches with crystal-clear water, pine forests edging-up to the sea, and the southern region of Mt. Kohylas – called simply the "Vouno" [= "The Mountain"], by the Skyrians: this is a starkly beautiful area, of considerable interest as to its bio-diversity and suitability for alternative eco-tourism and hiking.