I support the Skyrian Horse

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Our group has done considerable work in the field of caring for ill and wounded horses. Those that need special care are transferred, with the owner's agreement, to private land belonging to the Society, where they enjoy daily care and assistance. They are returned to their owners when they are fully recovered.


In July 12-18, 2007 our Society in parthership with the Katsarelias-Simpson project invited a veterinarian from Holland, who visited 20 horses and gave very useful advice both to us and the owners, especially regarding problems with teeth and hooves.


In September 2008 and December 2009 in collaboration with the Katsarelias-Simpson project,teams from the Greek Animal Welfare Foundation, comprised of a veterinarian, a dentist and a farrier, visited horses suffering from health problems, as indicated by our team.


Upon recording the genealogical data, each horse is given a tetanus shot and a supply of anti-parasite paste courtesy of the Greek Foundation for the Protection of the Environment and Cultural Heritage.


In the summer of 2009 we collaborated with the Athens University of Agriculture and assisted student Dimitra Triantafyllou in taking blood samples from one third of the horses living on Skyros, in the context of her thesis. The results will be notified to us, and we will retain samples in order to create a blood bank.


By now the owners are aware of the team's activities, and come to us with their questions about problems with their horses.