I support the Skyrian Horse

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The Skyrian Horse (Eguus Cabalus Skyros Pony) is one of the native races of horses that lived all over Greece in antiquity, and there is a theary that it is a representative of the Pindos Pony family. In legend, it has been considered a descendant of the horses that Achilles took with him to Troy, and linked to the horses of Alexander the Great and those shown as participating in the Panathinea procession depicted on the Parthenon's Frieze. Some scientists believe that the Skyrian horses are related to mountain, small-bodied horse races that migrated from Alaska along the Siberian Plateau and reached Europe some 12,000 ago. It is thought that they were brought to the island of Skyros by Athenian immigrants in the 5th century BC.


There is an erroneous theory suggesting that the Skyrian horse is related to a 3-hooved small-bodied race, called the "Hipparion" [= small horse in ancient Greek]. In fact, the only thing the Hipparion has in common with the Skyrian horse is its small size. In fact it is not a horse as we understand the term today. It is not even the direct ancestor of the horse, and has been extinct for a million years. We should refrain therefore from perpetuating the error by referring to the Skyrian horse as "Hipparion".