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Living Area

Low-lying Mt. Kohylas dominates the southeastern part of Skyros. It is the natural habitat for the small Skyrian horse (unique to the island) where it lives in the wild. The area also has interesting flora and wild birds, and has been designated a protected zone. The greater part (approx. 10,000 acres) is part of the NATURA 2000 network, and has been declared a special-protection zone for wild birds. The horses live in small herds, each frequenting its own particular locale on one of the small plateaux that dot the mountain with their small tree-covered lakes. In the summer months fodder runs short, and the horses leave their natural habitat and move to their owners' properties.


Any form of violent intervention in this area would be disastrous for the environment. Unfortunately, a plan is being contemplated to install a giant-size wind-park (111 turbines) in this particular region of southern Skyros. The project's construction requires heavy industrial activity and would automatically entail the destruction of the natural environment. This is an eminently paradoxical situation, since normally renewable energy sources aim at protecting the environment! All entities representing the island, as also the study submitted by the "Zoning and Residential Open Town Organisation Plan", propose a considerably smaller installation in this area, one that would not cause an environmental disaster. The only interventions formally envisioned for southern Skyros are of a mild nature, such as hiking paths.